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Summer Sale 2015

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Delete Page Tree Confluence Plugin — 24. April 2015

Delete Page Tree Confluence Plugin

If you have activated the plugin, access a confluence page that has one or more child pages.

Now you can access the “Delete page tree” function via the “Tools” menu.Selection_001 This takes you to a short overview. That lists which pages are going to be deleted. In addition to this it shows pages that are not going to be deleted because of set permissions.Selection_002

After verifying that this is what you want to delete, press the delete button on the bottom of the page.

You can get the plugin at

Macro Health Confluence Plugin —

Macro Health Confluence Plugin

To configure the notified users and the type of notification, got to ‚Manage Addons‘ in your admin interface. Look for the Macro Health Plugin and click on „Configure“. You should now see the following site:

Here you can add users by typing their name in the „Add User“ field. Click „Add“ to add a user and select a user and click „Remove“ to remove one.

You have the possbility to either select email or confluence notifications. If you choose “Notification”, the selected users will receive an in application notification from confluence when they log in to the confluence system with their account.

If you choose „Macro Health Report“ in the „ADMINISTRATION“ section of your confluence instance, you will see the latest report. You can also manually start a check there.


If you go to the „Scheduled Jobs“ section you can edit the macro health check schedule. Enter the schedule in the format according to this: Selection_016

Have fun and feel free to contact us if you are having trouble.

You can find the plugin at Atlassian Marketplace

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Awesome Icons Confluence Plugin — 18. Februar 2015
Search and replace Confluence plugin — 3. Dezember 2014

Search and replace Confluence plugin


Visit the Confluence Plugin Repository in your Confluence installation and search for „Search and replace“ in the plugin manager. If you have installed a compatible version of confluence, the plugin should appear in the result list. Follow the steps on the screen to install the plugin.


After a successful installation a menu entry „Search and replace“ appears in the left section of your admin page. When you follow the link, the following page will appear:


Searching & replacing plain text:

Go to the first tap „Search and Replace“. Now select the scope you want the string to be replaced in. It is recommended to test your replacements on a single page first before you apply it to a bigger scope. 

The next step is to enter the string you want to search for. Be aware that the search and replace is applied to the plain storage format. So the search results may be different from what you get when you search Confluence via the normal search. In addition to this, be aware that some characters are encoded. So, for example, the umlaut ‚ü‘ is encoded as ‚ü‘. You have to match your search queries and replace texts to these characters.

With a click on ‚Occurrences‘, a search for the selected parameters is started. The result is shown in the lower section of the page.

Note: Search processes can take some time or even time out your connection depending on the number of pages in the scope. The plugin was tested up to several hundred pages and performed quite well (Search in „Demonstration Space“, 40 pages, <1s).


Searching & replacing macro parameters: 

This lets your search for specific macros and their parameters in different scopes. Make sure to test your replaces on a single page first.


The functionality is best explained by a common example:

Imagine the „content by label“ macro is used in several pages of a space with the same labels as search query. Now you want to add a label to these existing macros.

First you select the „Search and Replace Macro“ tab.

Second, select the scope „space“. Now enter the space you want the replacements to happen via the auto completer. Then type „contentbylabel“ into the „Macro name“ field. You can already perform a search which lists you the occurrences of the macro.

Next, enter the parameter name, in our case „labels“. If you are not sure about the parameters, look at the documentation of the macro, the search results of this plugin or the storage format of the page containing it.

If you want to replace only parameters where the old value matches a specific value, you can specify the „old value“ parameter. In our case, we would put the old labels in this field.

Notice that replacing typed parameters such as pages and spaces are not yet supported.

Next run a search again by pressing „Occurrences“ to make sure the right macros are selected. Enter the new labels in the „New Value“ field separated by commas or spaces and press „Replace all“.

You can validate the successful replace by running a search again or taking a look at the modified pages.

Delete macro

This lets you delete a macro in a scope selected by you. In addition you can specify a text which should be inserted instead of the macro. An example would be if you are using a macro in several locations of your space and it is not supported any more.

First enter the Macro name and the scope you want the replacement to happen in. Next, specify the text you want to appear instead of the macro. You can leave this empty if you want. Again, take care of encoding the special characters.

‚Occurrences‘ again lists the macros that are going to be replaced.

You can also replace a macro by an other macro. You just have to insert the new macro with all it’s parameters in storage format as replacement text. To get the storage format of a macro, look at it’s documentation or insert it into a page and click at ‚vie storage format‘  in the page actions.